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Three attributes determine the quality of the tea that you enjoy; three factors permeate its life and represent its journey from plantation to infusion. Come with us on that journey of partnership, care and skill.

Quote Open The higher the mountain slope, the finer the tea Quote Close

The innate quality of the tea as it grows in the estate garden is a product of the indigenous attributes of the seedling, the soil and climate in which it is grown, the care with which it is tended, and the timing with which it is harvested.

For decades we have worked in close partnership with many estates, gaining a deep understanding of the characteristics of the tea they produce and a detailed insight into the methods they employ. Our commitment to such a close partnership over so many years is part of our investment in the ongoing quality of our tea.

These partnerships allow us to ensure that select parts of certain gardens remain our exclusive preserve. And these partnerships allow us to suggest enhancements – such as the introduction of vacuum packing equipment – to ensure that the tea produced is of the very highest quality.