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Journey Along the Tea Trail – Ceylon

Overview From its humble beginnings in 1867, Ceylon is now the fourth largest producer of tea in the world with an output of over 300 Million Kilos per...
07 February 2017 by Wei

How tea came to Britain – a story of pirates, princesses, and coffee

In Britain we are all avid drinks of tea, but it’s surprising how little we know of its history and how it came to our shores. Interestingly, Great...
14 September 2016 by Taha

Kangaita Orthodox tea

Over the years Africa is has become well known for producing good quality black tea, suitable for teabag blends. It’s processed through a CTC method,...
13 September 2016 by Taha

Tea in Indonesia

Located in South East Asia, Indonesia is comprised of 14,000 islands spread over 3,100 miles. The country is one of the richest and most complex regions...
18 July 2016 by Wei

Chinese Jasmine Dragon Pearl Teas: a background on our boutique teas collection

What makes jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea unique is its pleasant and delicate aroma. This comes from blending the tea leaves with petals from the jasmine flower. The...
06 July 2016 by Wei

Keemun teas from China: A profile for our boutique teas collection

Sometimes referred to as Keemun Congou or Qihong tea, Keemun is an elegant and alluringly fragrant Chinese black tea. Keemun comes from the Keemun area...
09 June 2016 by Wei
India is the world’s largest tea producer, exporting about 12% of the world’s tea. Records suggest that tea has been a part of Indian culture since...
23 November 2015 by Taha
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Tea Taster’s Journal: Managing Directors visits Sri Lanka

In early September 2015, our Managing Director, made a visit to Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. The significance of Ceylon tea for Ahmad Tea is reflected...
17 November 2015 by Magecom
Difference in tea

What is the difference between green, black, fruit black, fruit and herbal tea?

We often get asked about the difference between our flavoured teas here at Ahmad Tea and that’s why we want to share some of our expertise on these differences...
05 October 2015 by Jessica

Ahmad Tea won 3 Great Taste Awards

This year, three of Ahmad Tea’s blends were awarded with 1 star at the Great Taste Awards. These blends are Mango Soufflé, Key Lime Pie, and Earl Grey...
01 October 2015 by Wei