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As the company has grown, thankfully so has our involvement in international development.

All of our charitable initiatives respond to an identified need within a group, community or population. Where possible, our staff engages with the local community, as well as international experts, to develop projects that are both objective and sustainable in the long term.

EDUCATION We believe that access to high quality education is essential.

“The school children accepted with pleasure this form of education. The very process of interactive communication motivated them to learn additional material.”

— Technical Manager of the Project and Director, Centre of Distance Learning Technologies

  • Partnered 3 schools and orphanages, with 3 leading Universities
  • Participation of 8 University lecturers and 40 schoolchildren from high schools .

Ukraine has recently taken important steps to ensure equal and fair access to high-quality education. There are no institutional barriers to higher education in Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens have the right to free-of-charge higher education in state and communal Higher Education Institutes – this system is especially important for vulnerable young people.

There exists, however, an educational gap between schools and Universities. On recognizing an educational gap, Ahmad Tea sought to bridge that gap through applied learning distance technologies.


If you have questions about our charity work or would like more information about one of our projects, please reach out to