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As the company has grown, thankfully so has our involvement in international development.

All of our charitable initiatives respond to an identified need within a group, community or population. Where possible, our staff engages with the local community, as well as international experts, to develop projects that are both objective and sustainable in the long term.

ENVIRONMENT Striving to pass on the planet in the same condition we received it.

“After just one year, our water problem is history. As village chief I can now rest easy, because the most serious problem my community has faced has now been permanently resolved.”

— Technical Director, AECOM Environment Middle East. 

Recycling and Waste Management Project

  • Advocacy to promote better waste practices: The Middle East produces approximately 250,000 tons of solid waste every day – the majority of which is dumped untreated in makeshift landfills
  • Education on proper recycling methods - across the region overall, less than 5% is recycled
  • 50% of camels die in the United Arab Emirates from eating plastic

To tackle these hard facts, we have approached Governors, Mayors and CEOs of local cleaning companies to educate and advocate recycling practices. In other regions even waste collection is severe problem, and so there is an active program at Ahmad Tea to encourage local authorities to address their responsibilities. To achieve its mission of protecting the environment, Ahmad Tea has also partnered with a variety of NGOs and experts.


If you have questions about our charity work or would like more information about one of our projects, please reach out to