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100g Caddy

In the European tradition of orange blossom is a symbol of love. It was named in the honour of the bride's bouquet - "orange blossom." Queen Victoria brought them into fashion in the 19th century a long with white wedding dresses. This is a special tea with a light orange flower fragrance.

This item is from our Fine Tea Collection. In the late nineteenth century Pre-Raphaelites, chose to depart from the norm of mechanistic and stiff academic painting exemplified by Mannerists styles at that time. Instead this group of painters, founded in Bloomsbury, London, chose to favor the abundant detail, intense colours and complex compositions of Quattrocento Italian art.

The refined sense of style and simplicity of the Pre-Raphaelite sensibility is captured in the new range from Ahmad Tea. Impeccable taste of tea and impeccable artistic taste blends perfectly into the six updated blends: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine Green Tea , Green Tea, Ceylon Tea and English Tea No.1. All six flavours of classic English tea are to be collected in the for all connoisseurs of high-quality tea and fine art.

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