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Tea Gifts & Caddies

Tea Gifts & Caddies

The Ahmad Tea range of gifts and caddies includes the perfect present for every discerning tea drinker. Whether you are looking for a gift for a special occasion or you simply want to treat yourself, we have created a range of caddies and gifts that are quintessentially English and undeniably elegant.

Our Victorian and Edwardian caddies reflect a time when people wore their finest clothes for Afternoon Tea. Other series show English scenes and classical paintings, with each caddy containing either tea bags or loose tea. And, of course, even after the tea has been enjoyed, you still have the pleasure of the caddy’s elegant presence.

Our Gift range also encompasses those natural complements to your favourite beverage, namely the finest preserves and the most delicious shortbread – the perfect gift for those for whom afternoon tea is an essential ritual.

Whether it’s our Britain's Heritage Oval Caddy range, featuring classical paintings of English scenes, or our Capital Caddies series with stylised icons of London on an embossed tin, the Ahmad Tea Gift range brims with character and above all exudes timeless elegance.

Castle range

Inspired by some of Britain’s most famous and architecturally beautiful castles. The Ahmad Tea Castle Range features special edition versions of four classic blends which have a timeless and alluring quality, much like the castles themselves. Hampton Breakfast. Edinburgh Earl Grey, Warwick Assam, Windsor Darjeeling. Available in loose tea caddies and teabags in packets.
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Capital caddies

A modern take on the traditional tea caddy. Embossing and stylised icons of London have been combined to create a contemporary yet timeless design. Each caddy contains either 50 enveloped teabags or 200g quality loose tea.
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Heritage caddies

The pictorial design of the Heritage Caddies shows off our classical paintings to their best effect. Colour-coded lids give instant blend recognition and add to their attraction. Each caddy contains 25 teabags in one of three classic blends: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, English Tea No.1
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Britain's heritage oval caddies

The combination of classical paintings of English scenes and traditional English tea blends makes these an ideal gift. Each elegant oval caddy contains 25 tagged teabags in a traditional English blend: Earl Grey, English Tea No.1, English Breakfast.
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Tea chest four

Tea Chest Four holds a quartet of teas in an exquisite gold caddy that will be treasured long after the last infusion. Contains a selection of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling and English Tea No 1 teabags.
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Duo & trio

A double or triple combination pack of our 100g English Scene Tea Caddies from three of our most popular blends.
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Wooden tea keeper

For the ultimate in refinement and timeless elegance, the wooden tea keeper makes a wonderful presentation case for our teas. Contains a selection of our finest teabags, which can be refilled once finished.

Selection pack

Our Classical, Evergreen and Herbalist packs offer the ideal gift for those who simply cannot decide on a single blend, with a range of six teas in each box. Classical: Classic Range, Evergreen: Green Tea Range and Herbalist: Herbal Tea Range.
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