Oxfam thank Ahmad Tea for charitable work

We have a long term commitment to our charity projects and we feel proud when all the hard work that has been done finally takes shape. Two years ago, the drought in West Africa became world wide news and on watching the terrible hardship that the people faced, one of the founders of our company decided that we should do something about it. On investigating further, it became evident that one of the worst hit countries was Niger and Oxfam were the only international NGO to be working on irrigation systems in the area.

So, we decided to invite Oxfam to our offices to present to us what they were doing and to see how we could work together. Like lots of people, we had our own reservations about working with such a large NGO and whether or not the money would actually get to those who need it. However we are happy to say that Oxfam have completed a challenging project in a particularly challenging region

Two years on and with after regular updates on the project, we have completed part of our community water management program in Niger.

Today we received a lovely ‘Thank You’ video from Oxfam that we thought we would share with you. You can watch the video here.

Although it’s great to see what has been done, the situation in West Africa is as serious as ever before. Low rainfall, poor harvests, high food prices and a lack of pastures are all causing severe problems in the Sahel Region. If you would like to find out more about it and donate to this worthwhile cause, please visit the Oxfam website.