3 Summer-ready Tea Popsicles

It’s the height of summer and we’re all in need of a cool down. While an iced drink can usually do the trick, sometimes you need something more completely frozen to really beat the heat. We scoured the web for the most enticing popsicle recipes that include your favourite tea blends — take a bite of these frozen treats and call it tea time too!


Strawberry Green Tea Popsicles

Crisp, refreshing and sweet, the natural way. This popsicle features the fruit-freshness of strawberries and the smooth, light taste of green tea. Any green tea is good with this recipe, but we suggest our Strawberry Kiwi blend to really bring out the fruit flavour. Find the recipe here.


Arnold Palmer Popsicles

This frozen take on a drink classic — half lemonade, half iced tea — is the perfect way to relax on a sweltering day. Any black tea will do, but we recommend our Lemon Lime Twist Black Tea to compliment the lemonade. Mix in equal parts and set it in the freezer. When ready, we recommend some porch sitting or hammock swinging to compliment your moment of cool.


Earl Grey, Cardamom & Pistachio Popsicles


If you’d like to leave off the fruit in favour of some spice, this creamy frozen treat can be your hero. Using our bergamot Earl Grey blend combined with ground cardamon and roasted pistachios, you’ll be able to enjoy the cozy feeling of a warm cup in a definitively cooler package. The recipe can be found here.

Have you experimented with tea and popsicles? Share your recipes with us here or on Facebook!