Our Favourite Bloggers

No matter where in the world you are, the tradition of English tea time can inspire a beautiful story. We’ve found three women — a Londoner, a British expat in New York City, and an American — who are sharing their love of tea on blogs that represent a veritable tableau of tea tips and lifestyle inspiration.

Take a look:

The Londoner

Rachael is a London-based tea and lifestyle blogger, with a love of all things historical, vintage and retro. A Londoner for over ten years, she drinks lots and lots of tea and blogs regularly for a number of London and food and drink websites, as well as writing her own blog, Tea with Rachael.

We love Rachael’s blog for the tea room tours, tea reviews, and her suggestions for pairing tea with the right treats. Rachael will be guest blogging here very soon!

The Expat Turned New Yorker

Nina Daryanani, aka Lady Sippington, grew up in England where her mother, aunt and grandmother taught her how to make afternoon tea and serve it properly. She began working in tea shops, then became a graphic designer, and lived in Australia and New Zealand before coming to New York City.

Today, Nina shares her knowledge of proper tea practice and artistic ability to a wider audience. We love her blog for it’s easy-to-follow advice on tea time etiquette, her party decor and menu suggestions, and her friendly personality.

You can meet Lady Sippington in New York City this weekend, where she’ll be the special guest at Molton Brown in Soho, celebrating the launch of their new traveller kits and featuring Ahmad Tea!

The American

Amy lives in California and is a designer of fashion forward accessories made from recycled fabrics. On her blog, Cozy Reverie, she writes about her life and personal style, and all the ways she stays cozy and beautiful.

We love Amy’s blog for her tips on how to be comfortable in your own skin and how to imbue your personal style with creativity. We also adore this tea time skirt she designed, and the Audrey Hepburn mug she drinks her Ahmad Tea from!