Keeping Cool With Iced Ahmad Tea

What with this hot and humid weather we’ve been experiencing, the thought of enjoying your beloved steaming cup of tea may lose its appeal. The versatility of the humble tea leaf means it tastes as delightful iced as it does hot however – introducing the thirst quenching and delightfully refreshing iced tea, the perfect summer beverage. Iced tea is so simple to make at home, meaning you can use your usual tea bags and keep the amount of sugar and sweeteners to a minimum.


Follow our simple steps to make a perfect batch of iced tea:

1. Simply boil your kettle and allow the water to heat up (but not to a rolling boil – you can spot this as steam will begin to spout from the kettle’s spout).

2. Depending on taste preferences, we suggest 12-16 tea bags for a 2L pitcher and the following timings:

3. Once the brew is complete, pour into a 2L pitcher that is half-filled with ice.

4. Add enough ice cubes to fill up the rest of the glass or pitcher and you’re done: it’s as simple as that!


Now you’ve got the basic gist of rustling up a refreshing batch of iced tea take a leaf (quite literally) out of our book at Ahmad Tea and try some of these tasty variations on the humble glass of iced tea.


1)     Mint Mystique

Use our Mint Green Tea as the base of your beverage; a delicate blend of green tea enhanced with the aroma of mint that makes for a truly refreshing experience.

Top tip: To give this a summertime twist, add a few slices of cucumber and a dash of lime to the iced tea – as crisp and refreshing as a mojito minus the headache the next day!

You can buy our Mint Mystique blend here.


2)     Mixed Berries and Hibiscus

For a taste of the English countryside with exotic undertones use our Mixed Berries and Hibiscus tea bags for your iced delight; the delicious arrangement of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and elderberries are blended with hibiscus to provide a caffeine free treat that combines sweet and sour flavours for a taste explosion.

Top tip: Add even more colour, interest and flavour to your iced tea by freezing some berries of your choice and add them along with the ice cubes to your glass – attractive and reduces the amount of water that will eventually melt in your drink.

You can buy our Mixed Berries and Hibiscus blend here.


3)     Apricot Sunrise

This a sweet treat that will perfectly accompany a light summer lunch. Simply use our Apricot Sunrise as the base of your iced beverage; a distinct flavour combined perfectly with black tea for an invigorating taste sensation.

Top tip: Add a dash of lemon for zest, slice up some lemon and add to the side of the glass for flavour and decoration.

You can buy our Apricot Sunrise blend here.


4)     English Tea No. 1

A classic blend of teas from Assam, Sri Lanka and Kenya makes this Ahmad Tea selection a lively and rounded brew. Its hint of bergamot and delicate, subtle flavour means this tea offers itself perfectly as a refreshing summer pick me up.

Top tip: Compliment the subtle hint of bergamot with the juice of a peach and a sprig of mint to create an aromatic blend of sweet, bitter and crisp flavours.

You can buy English Tea No. 1 here.


There we have it, our top iced teas for you to enjoy. Try them out for yourself, show us your results and please do let us know which your favourite Ahmad Tea blend is for the perfect cup of iced tea!

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