Kangaita Orthodox tea

KenyaOver the years Africa is has become well known for producing good quality black tea, suitable for teabag blends. It’s processed through a CTC method, essentially cutting, tearing, and curling the freshly plucked tea leaves.

In recent times, Kangaita tea estate located on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya has begun to process tea using the Orthodox method, which is uncommon in East Africa as it is a more time consuming and artisan technique.  Kangaita (which is owned by the KTDA – Kenya Tea Development Agency), collects teas from over 6,000 small scale farmers to produce various orthodox grades of teas (Pekoe, BOPF, FOP, FBOP).



Ahmad Tea has a fine collection of orthodox teas used in award winning blends such including Earl Grey, and we were one of the first companies to offer support to the KTDA when they proposed to carry out a trial in manufacturing Orthodox teas at Kangaita.

Ahmad Tea’s support has helped Kangaita estate to produce clean, uniform, well twisted orthodox teas with a light and bright coloured liquor. Being located near the equator, the Kangaita estate experiences ideal weather conditions throughout the year, allowing them to produce teas all year round.