Journey Along The Tea Trail - Darjeeling

Foothills of Darjeeling

The small and exclusive region of Darjeeling located in the foothills of the Himalayas is a jewel in the Indian treasure chest of tea.

Darjeeling accounts for just 1% of India’s total tea production and its teas –known as the ‘champagne of teas’ are coveted all over the world due to its unique flavour. Darjeeling produces orthodox teas that release bright liquor when brewed and each variety has its own inimitable character. The diversity of Darjeeling is due to differences in wind and rain fall that depend on the altitude and exposure of the slopes under cultivation. In northern Darjeeling, tea is grown at altitudes of six thousand feed whereas in the South plantations are generally located at one thousand feet.



2The liquor quality of Darjeeling tea is also strongly influenced by period at which the tea is produced.

The finest Darjeeling teas are harvested from Mid March to April once the dormancy period is over. They produce a cup that is very light in colour with a floral character and slight sharp taste.

The monsoon period in July and September produces the darkest Darjeeling teas.





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