Five Ahmad Tea blends win at Great Taste 2018

Ahmad Tea has landed no fewer than five awards at Great Taste 2018 – bettering any of the previous years’ results. The judges singled out blends including Darjeeling Loose Tea and Teabag, Ceylon, Mint Mystique and Special Blend for star ratings in a bumper year for Ahmad Tea.

The Great Taste Awards

Often described as the ‘Oscars of the food and drink world’, the Great Taste Awards are one of the world’s most coveted accolades of their kind. Organised by the famous Guild of Fine Foods, Great Taste is also one of the world’s most trusted food and drink accreditation schemes. In 2018 over 500 judges, including specially trained food writers, came together over 65 days from March through to July at testing centres in London and Dorset, UK. The judging was conducted blind, in teams of three or four ensuring there was a balance of expertise, age and gender and each product was tasted by no fewer than eight experts.

Our Winners: Darjeeling Teabag & Loose Tea

Darjeeling is often described as the ‘Champagne of teas’ as only tea leaves from the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India, go into producing this delicate tea. Ahmad Tea’s Darjeeling Tea produces a floral aroma with a warm, golden colour when brewed. Both our teabag and loose tea Darjeeling blends have won Great Taste Awards in 2018.


What the judges said:

Teabag: “It’s showing as a good second flush, bright and with distinct flavour notes. It takes milk well.” Find out more>
Loose Tea: “The liquor proved bright with sound, long lasting flavour, delivering distinct Darjeeling character.” 

Mint Mystique Green Tea Teabag

Ahmad Tea’s Mint Mystique, also known as Mint Green Tea, is one of the most popular blends within the Green Tea range, combining delicate leaves from china with smooth minty flavours and real mint leaves. Our Tea Experts designed this blend as the perfect after-dinner palette-cleanser or a beverage for moments of calm during busy days. The blend won a ‘one star’ rating at the 2018 Great Taste Awards.


What the judges said:
“A clean tasting green tea with clear spearmint flavours.” Find out more>

Ceylon Loose Tea

Designed as a tribute to the rich history and heritage of Sri Lanka, our Ceylon Loose Tea is a well-balanced blend of high-quality teas grown on this beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean. Delicate yet bright in flavour, the loose tea leaves create an amber-coloured liquid when brewed. Our Ceylon Tea Loose Tea can be served with milk for a mellow taste, or with a slice of lemon to unite its exotic flavours.

What the judges said:

“Flavourful and pleasingly astringent. It takes milk well however, this softens the edges and brings everything together.”  Learn more>

Special Blend Loose Tea

Teas from Sri Lanka and Assam are blended with a subtle touch of bergamot oil to produce this strong and powerful brew. The blend makes a wonderful dark, reddish colour when brewed, yet the aroma is delicate and quite flowery. Our Tea Experts designed it as a breakfast and daytime brew and it produces a fresh, revitalising feeling. Special Blend has received a ‘one star’ recommendation by the Great Taste judging panel.

What the judges said:

“There’s a good tea at the heart of this, with some gripping tannins. The level of thickness is right and the balance with the bergamot good.” Learn more>