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The Mombasa Tea Auction – One of the World’s Largest Tea Auction Centres

Over the last few decades more and more tea has been offered for sale at the auction centre in Mombasa in Kenya. As a result, the Mombasa auction has become...
15 March 2017

Journey Along The Tea Trail - Darjeeling

The small and exclusive region of Darjeeling located in the foothills of the Himalayas is a jewel in the Indian treasure chest of tea. Darjeeling accounts...
07 February 2017

How tea came to Britain – a story of pirates, princesses, and coffee

In Britain we are all avid drinks of tea, but it’s surprising how little we know of its history and how it came to our shores. Interestingly, Great...
14 September 2016

Kangaita Orthodox tea

Over the years Africa is has become well known for producing good quality black tea, suitable for teabag blends. It’s processed through a CTC method,...
13 September 2016

Ceremonial Handover of Razavi Medical Complex in Sri Lanka

As a token of appreciation and gratitude towards all citizens in Sri Lanka, Ahmad Tea Limited has donated a State of the Art Cancer Treatment Hospital...
18 July 2016

Chinese Jasmine Dragon Pearl Teas: a background on our boutique teas collection

What makes jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea unique is its pleasant and delicate aroma. This comes from blending the tea leaves with petals from the jasmine flower. The...
06 July 2016

Introducing Cold brew

On a beautiful sunny day, sometimes all you need is a chilled refreshing iced tea. Iced Tea is becoming a more popular beverage in the warmer months,...
22 June 2016

British Weekend Retreats

Britain may not be known for its fantastic weather, its delightfully warm summers and snowy winters, but that doesn’t stop people from all over the world...
02 June 2016

The most beautiful places to have your afternoon tea in the UK

If you’ve ever experienced that familiar pang of hunger during the late afternoon, in between lunch and dinner, you can most certainly relate to how...
11 April 2016
Cheslea Physic Gdn

The 5 best things about Spring in London

At last! Winter has passed and we are finally entering one of our favourite times of the year, a period of glorious sunshine and greenery. London is spectacular...
08 April 2016