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Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea- Arguably the best known of the teas to come out of Japan, matcha has found its way into a variety of foods and beverages. Although relatively...
12 September 2019
Tea Travels: Assam

Tea Travels: Assam

Exploring the spectacular tea estates of  northern India – here are the notes of our Tea Tasting Team’s trip to Assam.
1st-2nd-Flush Darjeeling

Darjeeling’s First & Second Flushes

Ahmad Tea’s Tasting Team explores the amazing contrast between Darjeeling’s first & second flushes in the Tea Room.
07 August 2019
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Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is the most famous scented tea produced in China and can be thought of as its national drink. The classical technique of scenting tea with...
19 July 2019
Chinese Speciality Tea

Five Extraordinary Flavours from China

Rarely has the Tea Room hosted such colourful and varied guests as this quintet of speciality Chinese green, white and oolong teas. Our Tasting Team explored...
15 July 2019
First Flush Darjeeling Thumb

Delicate & Delightful: Darjeeling’s First Flush

Last month our lucky Tea Team inspected some of the tea plant’s most prized offerings when a selection of first flush samples arrived fresh from the...
05 June 2019
Oolong Thumb

Fresh into the Tea Room – Extraordinary Oolong

Exploring the wonderful world of Oolong. Our Tea Tasters were treated to the flavours and aromas of a trio of speciality Oolong teas from Taiwan.
17 May 2019
Community Water Management Project, Niger

Community Water Management Project, Niger

An overview of the Water Management Project undertaken with Oxfam to improve the sustainability of water sources in Niger.
25 February 2019

The Art of Tea Tasting from the Tea Room at Ahmad Tea HQ

Our team of Tea Tasters are crucial to maintaining a top quality product. Here’s an insight into art of Tea Tasting at Ahmad Tea HQ.
04 January 2019

Five Ahmad Tea blends recognised at Great Taste 2018

Ahmad Tea has landed no fewer than five awards at Great Taste 2018 – bettering any of the previous years.
07 September 2018