Tea knowledge


Tea in Kenya

The first Kenyan tea was grown in 1903 by a European settler named Caine. Since then, Kenya has become Africa’s largest tea producer and one of...
31 October 2017

Rooibos Tea: A Taste of Africa

Rooibos tea is made from the leaves of a shrub-like plant known as Aspalathus linearis which is native only to South Africa. When brewed, this naturally...
30 October 2017

Tea Tasters Journal: Visit to Sri Lanka

We sent Amin, our trainee tea taster, to Sri Lanka – an island nation famous for its lovely beaches, beautiful scenery and ancient temples that is...
29 October 2017
All he Tea in China

All the Tea in China

With a tea history spanning several millennia, a rich tea tradition and producing hundreds of varieties – China is truly the home of tea. Here is...
28 October 2017

The World of Tea

Join our expert Tea Tasters and discover the world of Ahmad Tea, all the way from the slopes of far away lands to your cup.
26 October 2017

The Mombasa Tea Auction – One of the World’s Largest Tea Auction Centres

Over the last few decades more and more tea has been offered for sale at the auction centre in Mombasa in Kenya. As a result, the Mombasa auction has become...
15 March 2017

Journey Along The Tea Trail - Darjeeling

The small and exclusive region of Darjeeling located in the foothills of the Himalayas is a jewel in the Indian treasure chest of tea. Darjeeling accounts...
07 February 2017

Journey Along The Tea Trail - Kenya

Situated astride the Equator and bordering the Indian Ocean, Kenya is a country with fascinating features and wildlife and prides itself as one of the...

Journey Along the Tea Trail – Ceylon

Overview From its humble beginnings in 1867, Ceylon is now the fourth largest producer of tea in the world with an output of over 300 Million Kilos per...

How tea came to Britain – a story of pirates, princesses, and coffee

In Britain we are all avid drinks of tea, but it’s surprising how little we know of its history and how it came to our shores. Interestingly, Great...
14 September 2016