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Play the Magnet-Catcher game

Can’t wait to start your fridge magnet collection? Why not test your skills at our highly addictive Magnet-Catcher game? Use the arrow keys, mouse or your finger (on mobile/tablet) to bounce the magnets off the teaspoon and catch them in your Ahmad Tea cup. See how many you can get in 45 seconds and don’t forget to share the game on social media to test your friends!

Win a Tea Keeper

Win a Tea Keeper

Each month the player with the highest score will win a luxury Tea Keeper from Ahmad Tea. Simply submit your name and email address after playing to record your score and enter the draw! Take a look at our Ts & Cs too.

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Ahmad Tea Fridge Magnet Collection

A range of limited edition collectable British-themed Fridge
Magnets inside selected packs of Ahmad Tea, in stores.*

12 To Collect – Set 1

  • St John’s Church in
    the ancient city of Bath

  • A golden sunset over
    Big Ben

  • A charming English
    country village

  • The historic centre of

  • Autumn shades by an
    English lake

  • An English Garden in

  • All Saints Church and
    the Oxford skyline

  • A steam train on the
    Highland Railway

  • Midnight at Tower

  • An English hillside
    in the evening

  • The Houses of

  • The Royal Albert Hall

Available in packs of…

100 Tagged

20 Foil Wrapped Teabags

*This promotion is available in store only and not via ahmadtea.com. Fridge magnets will be found in selected packs of the products above for a limited time only.