Through our global community pillar, our charity projects run at a local grassroots level so they have a direct impact in the places where we source and sell our tea.



With the help of every Ahmad Tea drinker, we’ve been tackling water scarcity in rural Niger for well over a decade. In these vulnerable countries, the climate has already changed and action to build a resilient  infrastructure must come today.

Working with Oxfam we’ve tapped into an estimated 2. 5 billion cubic metres of renewable water resource that is deep below the ground’s surface and only accessible by drilling. We’ve built 40 boreholes and water points and, to date, over 100,000 people have benefited from what communities call an “Ahmad Tea” – our new water installation for household and domestic use.


One of our sustainability aims is to widen access to education, as it is a powerful way of creating sustainable change. Our scholarships seek to help students make the most of their potential.

Loughborough University

Ahmad Tea aims to provide opportunities for the people of Niger to gain a wider understanding of water management and take their learnings forward in their communities, where they can become leaders in development projects. We are currently funding two civil engineers in post-graduate distance learning at Loughborough University.

Ukrainian Children’s Homes

For over twenty years, we’ve provided those in Ukraine’s children’s homes and orphanages with education and care. Many of these young people are fully capable of becoming doctors, teachers, and engineers. They just need a chance.

University Of Bristol

At the University of Bristol, the Ahmad Tea scholarship allows a student from a disadvantaged background to undertake a medical degree free from financial worry, who might have never been able to pursue a career in medicine. Harouna Maliki, MSc student


This direct way of working ensures that we stay committed to sustainability.