From simple brews to complex cakes - Find the perfect recipe!


2 Ingredient Earl Grey Mousse

Easy 30 minutes

An easy to make Earl Grey Mousse.

Honey and Breakfast Tea Panna Cotta

Medium 30 minutes

A delicious take on a traditional panna cotta recipe.

Tea Caviar

Moderate 1.5 Hours

Create a vegan friendly tea caviar using our English breakfast blend.

Picture shows a cup containing a tiramisu with some wheat and tea, a tea caddy is at the back


Moderate 1 hour

Our tea inspired tiramisu is sure to impress whether you are serving it to friends or treating yourself to a little slice of heaven.

Green Tea & Raspberry Blitz Mocktail

Easy 15 minutes

Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a summer BBQ, this Green Tea Raspberry Blitz mocktail is sure to impress. Try experimenting using tea or herbal infusions to make sugar syrup for a range of different mocktails this summer.

Persian Cardamom Cake

Persian Cardamom Cake

Moderate 1 hour

Embark on a delectable journey through the exotic spices of the Middle East with our Persian Cardamom cake. Discover the irresistible flavours of this delightful creation by @nikibakes_uk_ and elevate your baking experience.

Sticky Cinnamon Danish Cake

Moderate 1.5 Hours

Indulge in the comforting warmth and richness of cinnamon paired with the earthy, nutty flavours of Rooibos with this tea infused cake recipe by @nikibakes_uk_. Perfect for any occasion, this cake is sure to become a quick favourite. Get ready to savour every bite!

King Charles Tea Mocktail

Easy 30 minutes

To Celebrate the Coronation of King Charles we’ve created a special mocktail using his favourite tea - Darjeeling. It’s complemented by flavours of honey, lemon and mint.

Easter Earl Grey Cake

Hard 220 Minutes

Indulge in the delightful flavours of Earl Grey with this scrumptious Easter Earl Grey Cake recipe. This recipe makes two perfectly sized cakes, ideal for Easter celebrations or a cosy gathering with loved ones.

sleepy hot chocolate

Sleep Hot Chocolate

Easy 15 minutes

Getting the right amount of good quality sleep can be critical to how we function during the day. So why not try this Sleep Hot Chocolate by Nadia's Healthy Kitchen and let it help you relax and unwind? All the sweetness of a hot chocolate, blended with Ahmad Tea's Sleep infusion to make a hearty bedtime beverage.

Tea Smoothie

Berry & Banana Tea Smoothie

Easy 15 minutes

Tea smoothie anyone? A simple, yet delicious sweet treat, try this Berry & Banana Tea Smoothie at home yourself. Or get creative and add your own selection of fruits to your favourite Ahmad Tea blend.