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Earl Grey

Earl Grey Bagels

Hard 2 hours

Indulge in the delightful flavour of Earl Grey with these homemade bagels infused with Ahmad Tea's Loose Earl Grey tea leaves. Created by the talented @nm_meiyee, these bagels offer a unique twist on the classic recipe, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon tea.


Easy 30 minutes

This is our take on a traditional Mahalabia, sweetened with dates and the addition of tahini giving this a slightly healthier option,

Green Tea Rice with Black Tofu

Medium 20

Celebrate Chinese New Year with our Green Tea Rice and black tofu - Gong hei fat choy!

Brazilian Brigaderio

Easy 10 minutes

A twist on a traditional Brazilian Brigaderio recipe using Earl Grey as a flavour.

Jasmine Green Tea Custard Berry Tart

Medium 30 minutes

If you are craving a custardy pudding why not give our Jasmine Green Tea infused custard berry tart a try? Recipe courtesy of Nadia's Healthy Kitchen.

Picture is of a ceylon tea cake on a wooden board

Ceylon Tea Cake

Easy 1 hour

Make a delicious ceylon infused cake, easy to make and perfect with a cup of ceylon tea.

Cardamom and Orange Cake

Medium 1 hour

Make a delicious tray bake orange and cardamom cake with our Cardamom tea and orange zest

Dark ‘N’ Stormy Tea Mocktail

Easy 10 minutes

As we move into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness create an alcohol free Dark 'N' Stormy with our Mango Magic black tea.

Welsh Bara Brith with Earl Grey Tea

Easy 1 hour

A delicious traditional Welsh cake Bara Brith, made with Ahmad Tea's Earl Grey

Picture is of two glasses with a packet of chai spice and kilner jar with chai spice

Chai Spice on the rocks

Easy 10 minutes

Nothing says Autumn like James Strawbridge's Chai Spice Spritz, easy to make and perfect for Autumn Sun.

Earl Grey Blackberry Spritz

Easy 30 minutes

An easy to make refreshing take on Earl Grey, with a blackberry twist. Perfect for the last of the summer sun with a nod to Autumn.

2 Ingredient Earl Grey Mousse

Easy 30 minutes

An easy to make Earl Grey Mousse.