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Coconut Curry

Cauliflower, Turmeric & Coconut Curry

Moderate 2 hours

This cauliflower, turmeric and coconut curry tastes sublime alongside a steamy cup of Immune infusion – packed full of aromatic spices. Try this recipe from Mithi Ahmed aka The Daal Diaries, with spices from @spicekitchenuk.

Fenugreek Cake

Semolina & Fenugreek Cake with Orange Blossom

Advanced 2 hours +

The final recipe in our 'Spices of Christmas' series with Spice Kitchen UK, this citrusy Semolina & Fenugreek Cake with Orange Blossom, by Reem Kassis, is something special to try during the festive period. Enjoy a slice or two with our golden Ceylon Tea, as part of a light and refreshing Middle Eastern-inspired dessert.

Hot Chocolate Cake

Gingerbread & Hot Chocolate Cake with Winter Charm

Moderate 2 hours

Fifth in our 'Spices of Kitchen' series – try this Dairy Free Gingerbread & Hot Chocolate Cake, by Nila Ross, and enjoy a slice (or two) with our aromatic Winter Charm infusion. Made with Gingerbread Hot Chocolate from Spice Kitchen UK, this recipe makes a deliciously indulgent winter treat.

Jerk Chicken Burger

Shredded Jerk Chicken Burger with Apple Refresh

Moderate 1 hour

A hearty Shredded Jerk Chicken burger packed full of flavours of the Caribbean. This recipe is our fourth in the 'Spices of Christmas' series with Spice Kitchen UK, created by Sanj Singh Parmar. Not your typical food and tea pairing, but we found the sweetness of Apple Refresh tea superbly balanced out the heat from the chillis and spices.

Chia Saffron Muesli

Saffron Chia Muesli with Vanilla Tranquility

Easy 30 minutes

The third recipe in our 'Spices of Christmas' series with Spice Kitchen UK - this Saffron Chia Muesli, by Mira Manek, makes a beautiful breakfast, especially when paired with our Vanilla Tranquility black tea. The creaminess of the muesli matches the sweet scent of Vanilla and fruit for a gloriously tasty start to the day.

Vegetable Samosas with Chai Spice

Vegetable Samosas with Chai Spice

Advanced 2 hours +

The second tea pairing in our 'Spices of Christmas' series with Spice Kitchen UK, this is chef Hari Ghotra's family recipe and makes a great addition to any mealtime. The traditional Indian spices - ginger and cumin pair wonderfully with Ahmad Tea's Chai Spice. Enjoy samosas and chai for a breakfast that will make your day.

Courgette Fritters-Darjeeling

Hot Courgette Fritters with a Chilli & Mint Dip

Easy 1 hour

The first of our Spices of Christmas tea pairings series with Spice Kitchen UK, this Indian Hot Courgette Fritters recipe was created by Mita Mistry and is both simple and delicious. The Indian spices pair beautifully with our Ahmad Tea Darjeeling Tea to warm you up in the winter months. Try it at home.

Earl Grey Cake

Vegan Earl Grey Cake

Moderate 2 hours

This fabulous Vegan Earl Grey Cake recipe is the work of Nadia in her healthy kitchen. We gave her the challenge of coming up with something delicious using our best-loved blends, and what resulted certainly did not disappoint. Try this Earl Grey-infused recipe at home and let us know how you got on.

Chai Spice Latte

Plant Based Iced Chai Latte

Easy 30 minutes

This plant based iced chai latte, created by Gem's Wholesome Kitchen, is perfect for those who want a touch of summer refreshment with their wintery flavours. Try this simple recipe and discover a delicious mix of sweet and spicy - ideal for experimenting during the holiday season.

Tea Swirl Bread with Ceylon

Tea Swirl Loaf

Advanced 2 hours +

Courtesy of @dominthekitchen, this tea swirl loaf recipe is and adventurous take on a tea bread, combining two of our popular blends - Ceylon Tea and Peach & Raspberry infusion. Feeling up to it? Follow Dom's recipe for a tasty and beautiful creation.

Peach & Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

Tutti-Fruit-Tea Bubble Tea

Easy 2 hours +

Try this fun fruity bubble tea recipe using our delicious Peach & Passion Fruit tea. Ideal for a late summer treat.

Mango Green Tea

Mango Green Tea Smoothie

Easy 2 hours +

It's time to take a sip of our delicious Green Tea Pure and reward yourself with a moment full of pure, soothing flavours. Try this simple but memorable recipe for a mango green tea smoothie - the perfect refreshing beverage for a summer afternoon.