Adam Nawrocki is Ahmad Tea’s Logistics Manager and he plays a pivotal role in our success.  We were delighted to catch up with him over a cup of tea, to learn more about his job and what lessons he learnt from managing logistics during the pandemic.

Adam, tell us about your role at Ahmad Tea?

My main responsibilities include ensuring an efficient supply chain, managing the storage and flow of products and materials, while also focusing on minimising our impact on the environment. A key element of my work is to research ways in which we can decrease carbon emissions. Often, it’s small changes in our operations which can add up to make a big difference. For example, we’ve replaced pallets with slip sheets when we pack our tea for shipping. This means we can fit more tea in each container, reducing the overall carbon footprint of our product.

Tell us about the most challenging time in your career?

It has to be the pandemic, as everything changed. We had to work quickly and collaboratively to create solutions when the world was being turned on its head. Luckily for me, I enjoy a challenge so worked with colleagues to move our tea around the world as quickly as shipping operators allowed. We benefitted from having long term relationships in the industry and when opportunities arose, we were able to make decisions quickly and take advantage of opportunities. Good relationships are fundamental when everyone is plate spinning and trying to make a success of a chaotic situation.

How would you describe working at Ahmad Tea?

It’s a great place to work and because it’s a family run business, there is a strong caring ethos. I’ve been working here for 17 years and the reason myself and many others have stayed so long is the people. Ahmad Tea supports a huge number of charitable ventures and it is this emphasis on giving back which makes it such a compelling place to work. It really is a business which cares. When I first started my job, Dr Ebraham, our Managing Director, made an appointment for me to visit an orphanage when I was in the same neighbourhood for a business meeting. He wanted me to see first-hand what resources the orphanage needed. What I witnessed on the visit has stayed with me ever since and I’m always happy to help others. This emphasis on giving back is part of the fabric of Ahmad Tea.

Aside from Ahmad Tea how do you spend your time?

I like to spend time with my family and I also like to play basketball and go snowboarding once a year. I love to be in the mountains, it really boosts my happiness levels.

What’s your favourite cup of tea?

It has to be Ahmad Tea’s English Afternoon Tea which is a delicious blend of Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam with a touch of Bergamot. Unfortunately for me, it is being discontinued. However, one of the benefits of being the Logistics Manager is that I’ve been able to create a secret stash of tea which should last me for quite a few years! Hopefully the management doesn’t read this as I know one of the Directors and I share a favourite blend and I don’t want to limit my supply!

If, unlike Adam you don’t have a secret supply of our English Afternoon tea we’d recommend trying our Special Blend which has similar notes with Ceylon, Assam and Bergamot.

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