January is traditionally a month when focus on our health. Getting the right amount of good quality sleep can be critical to how we function during the day. If you’ve ever had a period of bad sleep you’ll know how draining it can be. If you are looking to improve your sleep following our top tips below.

Exercise & Curb the Caffeine

Getting a good night’s sleep starts by concentrating on your health during the day. Try to walk for at least 20 minutes a day as movement helps with overall relaxation. Enjoy a cup (or two!) of English Breakfast tea in the morning but, as caffeine can keep us awake during the night, switch to a caffeine-free peppermint or fruit infusion after 3pm.

Create a Sleep Routine

Our bodies are creatures of habit so try to go to bed at the same time every night, even on the weekends. A good way to get yourself prepared for a good night’s sleep is to create a sleep routine. This could be having a warm bath every night, reading a couple of pages of a good book, or listening to a podcast. Treat yourself to Ahmad Tea’s caffeine-free Sleep tea before bed which is blended with camomile, lavender and passion flower to help relax you before bedtime.


Banish Distractions

Create a relaxing environment for a restful sleep. Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and also free from distractions. Try to turn off screens (and make sure you don’t have them in your bedroom) at least an hour before bed.

Practice Relaxation Methods

If you wake during the night, try to concentrate on your breathing to ease yourself back to the land of nod. There’s a technique called box breathing which helps relax your mind and calm your nervous system. You simply breathe in for the count of four, hold for the count of four, breathe out for the count of four and hold for four. Then start again. If that doesn’t work, then read for 20 minutes instead of lying there tossing and turning.

We hope these tips help you enjoy a restful and peaceful sleep.

Happy snoozing!

Sleep Tea

We all know that good sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. That’s why we’ve created this Sleep infusion. A light yet luxurious blend of flowers, honey and lemon balm, it’s the ideal herbal tea to soothe you into a sleepier state of mind.

Natural Benefits - Sleep

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