Ahmad Tea Decaffeinated


Always at the forefront of tea innovation, Ahmad Tea’s new range of Decaffeinated Teas will delight anyone who longs for classic brews, without the caffeine.


Delicious For Every Moment

Dispelling the myth that decaffeinated teas can’t match up to a regular brew, this new range brings all the flavours and complexities our teas are famed for, but makes them accessible to all. If you want to enjoy great tea at any time of the day – without compromising on taste – then welcome to Ahmad Tea’s new Decaffeinated Teas.

Ahmad Tea's Decaffeinated Black Tea



Enjoy a well-rounded cuppa any time of the day with Ahmad Tea’s Decaffeinated Black Tea. Full of character, this deliciously full-bodied tea brings together the finest leaves from Kenya, blending them into a smooth, comforting tea that leaves you feeling refreshed, but not stimulated. Serve with a splash of milk, or a slice of lemon, and enjoy the taste of expertly made decaffeinated tea with all its quality retained.



With all the character of traditional Chinese tea leaves, yet none of the caffeine, this delicate and aromatic Decaffeinated Green Tea is the perfect companion. As has been known for centuries, nothing relaxes quite like a classic green tea. And without caffeine, this fine example from Ahmad Tea is a truly soothing beverage. Perfect at any time, enjoy this peaceful blend at the end of a long day – even before bed.

Ahmad Tea's Decaffeinated Green Tea
Ahmad Tea's Decaffeinated Earl Grey



The perfect accompaniment to Afternoon Tea, our Decaffeinated Earl Grey retains all the crisp elegance of the tea leaves – but without the caffeine. Earl Grey is the perfect afternoon brew, but we appreciate people might prefer to avoid caffeine at this time of the day. Lifted by the citrussy fragrance of bergamot, this sophisticated tea is the ideal partner for delicate sandwiches, cakes and scones, and it won’t disturb your evening’s rest.



Find your new favourite guilt-free indulgence with Ahmad Tea’s Decaffeinated Indulgent Selection. With four delicious dessert-inspired black teas to choose from, the collection brings the sweet taste of after dinner treats, without the sugar or caffeine! Choose from Cinnamon, with warming aroma of comforting baked goods; Vanilla, where malty black tea meets the rounded sweetness of classic desserts; Caramel, with its evocative, molasses-like richness; and Chocolate & Hazelnut, your favourite chocolate brownie in a cup!

Ahmad Tea's Decaffeinated Indulgent Selection