Mango Magic Iced Tea

Tea is not just for drinking hot. Why not give this simple, yet utterly delicious Mango Magic Iced Tea a try and enjoy a fruity Ahmad Tea cooler?

Mango Magic Iced Tea

Mango Magic Iced Tea



Time to Make

30 minutes


Mango Magic Fruit Black Tea


Mango Magic Fruit Black Tea - Teabags

Our Mango Magic blend is a sunny infusion of soft, juicy mango and uplifting black teas. A richly enchanting brew, it’s sure to revitalise you at any time of the day.


2 ripened mangos

1 litre water

3 Ahmad Tea Mango Magic teabags

1 tbsp lemon juice

4-5 tbsp sugar or as per taste

Mint leaves for garnishing

Ice cubes


1.Wash and peel the mango, cut into cubes, make puree by blending in a blender, and set aside.

2.Brew Ahmad Tea Mango Magic teabags in a teapot with boiling water.

3.Add sugar while tea is still hot, pour tea into a pitcher, add lemon juice and then place in the fridge until chilled.

4.When chilled, combine mango puree with prepared mango magic tea and mix well.

5.Serve tea over ice, garnish with mint and enjoy!

Recipe adapted from ‘Binjal’s Veg Kitchen’: