Peach Rooibos Iced Tea

Enjoy this innovative twist on our classic rooibos blend. The smooth, nutty flavour of rooibos is complemented by the sweetness of juicy peaches. Try this quick and simple recipe this summer.

Peach Rooibos Iced Tea

Peach Rooibos Iced Tea



Time to Make

30 minutes


Rooibos & Cinnamon infusion


Rooibos & Cinnamon Infusion - Teabags

Take time to relax, and indulge yourself with a cup of Rooibos & Cinammon tea.


For the syrup:

150ml cold water

40g caster sugar

3 flat peaches (plus 1 for serving)

For the tea:

40g caster sugar


1.To make the syrup, pour the water and sugar into a pan on a medium heat. Whilst it’s heating up, chop your peaches into small chunks and then add them into the pan. Let it simmer away for about five minutes. Turn off the heat and let it cool. Strain into a jar.

2.To make the tea, brew Ahmad Tea Rooibos and Cinnamon teabags in a teapot with boiling water.

3.Steep for 5 mins and set aside to cool. Place it in the fridge until chilled.

4.When chilled, combine peach puree with prepared rooibos tea and mix well.

5.Place more peaches and ice in a glass, pour over the tea and enjoy!

Recipe adapted from ‘The Usual Saucepans’: