Mojiteao Fizz Bubble Tea

Our mint green tea is not only delicious on its own, but also brewed and served cool in a bubble tea mocktail. This Mojiteao Fizz is that perfect summers day cooler, with its soothing yet citrussy taste.

Mojiteao Fizz Bubble Tea

Mint Mystique



Time to Make

30 minutes


Mint Mystique


Mint Mystique

Our superb signature green tea blend complemented a cool mint flavour.

Mint Mystique Green Tea - Teabags


  • 100ml Freshly brewed & cooled Ahmad Tea Mint Green Tea
  • 100ml (Lemon & Lime) Lemonade
  • Squeeze of Lime Juice (and or) Lemon Juice
  • 50g Tapioca Pearls


  1. Cook the tapioca according to the pack instructions
  2. Add Tapioca to a glass with ice
  3. Add the freshly brewed, cooled Mint Mystique green tea
  4. Add the lemonade and a squeeze of lime juice
  5. Stir the ingredients together
  6. Add a wide straw and enjoy!!