To increase the access to quality water in one of the world’s poorest countries, by improving the sustainability of water sources, water storage and offering water resource management.


  • Niger is landlocked and frequently suffers from drough
  • The people rely on the Niger River, with over 95% living along it
  • Less than 3% of the total land is arable, including the irrigated areas along the Niger River.


  • Offering greater access to drinking water by drilling boreholes and using solar technology. Boreholes have been successfully drilled in Bani Bangou, Soumatt and Mangaize.
  • Introducing water and rainfall monitoring systems that help improve groundwater retention and re-use rainfall
  • Installing drip irrigation systems in market gardens, with one installed in the Soumatt market garden

  • Increasing cooperation between local government, communities and local partners
  • Offering market gardeners training courses on vegetable production and risk assessment
  • Strengthening the alliance between the University of Loughborough and the University of Abdou Mounmouni to support students studying water management.


  • 8,000 people have improved drinking water
  • 5,000 refugees supplied with water from the installation of an electric pump
  • 83% of residents have access to a water point within 1km
  • 150+ market gardeners trained
  • Three students studying for a Masters.

An Oxfam consultant said: “Work began in Soumatt on 28 January 2012. We drilled for four weeks and were hampered by technical issues. The first borehole had to be abandoned as we lost the drilling bit in the heavy clay soil layer. Therefore, a second borehole was started. It was indeed a joyous day for the village when we struck water – for over 20 years they have needed a borehole and now they have one thanks to Ahmad Tea.”

He continued: “The team hit the water table at 155m but decided to drill down to 225m to ensure a water supply all year round. The borehole will supply water to over 8000 people in Soumatt and the surrounding villages and 15,000 livestock and will be vital to the success of their market garden enterprise supporting 500 gardeners….”


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