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The most beautiful places to have your afternoon tea in the UK

If you’ve ever experienced that familiar pang of hunger during the late afternoon, in between lunch and dinner, you can most certainly relate to how...
11 April 2016
Cheslea Physic Gdn

The 5 best things about Spring in London

At last! Winter has passed and we are finally entering one of our favourite times of the year, a period of glorious sunshine and greenery. London is spectacular...
08 April 2016

State of the Art Architecture at the Razavi Medical Complex

Diagram displaying passive cooling at the Razavi Medical Complex ( The architecture of the Razavi Medical Complex has been designed...
05 January 2016

Progress Report on the National Cancer Hospital Project, Colombo

‘Colombo’s new state of the art public cancer hospital building, the Razavi Medical Complex, is due for completion in spring 2016. This project...

Russian Orphanage – Partnership with Formula Dobra Charity Foundation

We continue our work with Formula Dobra Charity Foundation which directly helps individual orphans, focussing on medical assistance and education. For...
Tea Infused Christmas Cake

Christmas Fruit Cake Infused With Tea

With the festive season upon us, we thought it might be nice to share one of our favourite recipes with all our fellow tea lovers to enjoy. This is a simple,...
15 December 2015

Art Exhibitions in London

With the winter drawing in, it’s the perfect time to escape the cold streets of London and head into one of the capital’s many museums and galleries...
23 November 2015