Tea and Caffeine: everything you need to know

Looking for a way to reduce your caffeine intake, this blog will help you understand caffeine in tea.

Picture is of a jasmine flower surrounded by tea

The Magic of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea is known for its delicate floral aroma, smooth taste and calming properties. It is thought of as China’s national drink and is consumed at all times of the…

Tea Flushes Explained

If you’re a tea enthusiast, you'll likely already know that factors such as the garden's location, climate, elevation, and the tea processing methods affect the flavour of your tea. Another…

Loose Tea

A Beginner’s Guide to Loose Tea

If you are a loose leaf tea novice then let us help guide you through the wonderful world of loose tea, in our beginner's guide.

Loose vs Teabags

Loose Leaf Tea vs Teabags – Which one is Best?

Shedding some light on the age-old debate. in this blog we’ll look into the differences and things to consider - then you can decide for yourself.

Galerie du Thé- Ahmad Tea new luxury tea brand

Introducing Galerie du Thé – our new luxury tea brand

Unveiling a new range of rare luxury artisan teas from the world's most sought after tea gardens.

History of Daarjeeling

A (tea)potted history of Darjeeling

Learn about the 'land of the thunderbolt.' A brief history of the place that gives the wonderful speciality tea we know and love its name.

Ahmad Tea’s Very British Quiz

Think you know your cream tea from your builder’s tea? Test your knowledge on all things British and tea-related in our Very British Quiz.

The Perfect Cake for Afternoon Tea

The Perfect Cake for Afternoon Tea

We asked Eileen Donaghey, The Afternoon Tea Expert, to share her tips on the perfect cake to accompany a home afternoon tea.

Hibiscus infusions and your health

Hibiscus infusions and your health: More than just a tasty brew?

Drinking infusions that contain hibiscus, which often gives the deep red colour in fruity herbals, could be good for your health.

Afternoon Tea

How to make the best afternoon tea at home

Our Tea Taster, Dominic Marriott, and an afternoon tea expert explore how to make the best afternoon tea at home.

The Art of Tea Tasting

From selecting the finest teas that go into Ahmad Tea blends to checking those blends are up to scratch, our team of Tea Tasters are crucial to maintaining a top…