Picture is of jasmine flowers that have been harvested.

Jasmine Tea China's National Drink

Jasmine Tea is known for its delicate floral aroma, smooth taste and calming properties. It is thought of as China’s national drink and is consumed at all times of the day and on any occasion. The process of scenting and creating Jasmine Tea dates back to 1000 years ago and in selected tea gardens, the same process is used today. It is this process which creates such an intense flowery jasmine taste and scent.

But have you ever wondered what the age-old process is? In the blog we promise that after learning about it, you’ll fall in love with Jasmine Tea a little bit more.


Firstly, skilful tea pickers, harvest the tea in Spring or Early Summer when the tea leaves are full of flavour. Tea pickers pick the top two leaves of the tea plant ensuring that the final product is of the utmost quality.


Picture is of loose leaf jasmine tea
Picture is of tea leaves laid out on a bamboo withering board


Once the tea is plucked, the tea leaves are spread out in thin layers on bamboo trays or racks. This process, known as withering, allows the leaves to lose some moisture and become flexible. Withering helps develop the desired flavours and prepares the leaves for the next step.


The magic of Jasmine Tea lies in the infusion of fragrant jasmine flowers into the tea leaves. While the tea leaves are withering, jasmine flowers are handpicked during the day when they are closed tightly. This careful selection ensures the flowers are at their peak, bursting with aroma. The jasmine plant flowers from June to September and to produce high quality jasmine tea, it is essential that the jasmine blossoms are plucked at the right moment.




Picture is of green tea with jasmine flowers
Picture is of a jasmine flower

To make Jasmine Tea, the tea leaves are layered with freshly picked jasmine flowers. As night falls, the flowers bloom and release their captivating aroma, which is absorbed by the tea leaves.

To achieve the desired level of jasmine fragrance, the layering process is often repeated multiple times. The tea leaves from the previous scenting are carefully separated, and fresh jasmine flowers are added. This method allows the tea leaves to capture the floral essence, resulting in a more pronounced and nuanced aroma.


The Perfect Cup of Jasmine Tea

In the final scenting, some jasmine blossoms are left in the tea for aesthetic purposes but do not contribute to the flavour of the blend. The base green tea used for Ahmad Tea’s jasmine tea teabag and loose tea blends is processed using the air-drying method to produce a light and mellow tea that will enable it absorb the sweet, floral fragrance of jasmine. Our jasmine teabag and loose tea flavours perfectly balance the subtle and light flavours of the finest green teas with the delicious perfume of jasmine flowers.


Picture is of a white tea cup containing a golden colour liquid, which shows the strength of Jasmine tea
Picture is of a tray containing Jasmine flowers, tea leaves, tea spoon, cup and saucer with tea and a tea bag and tea bags on a small saucer

The captivating scent of jasmine tea lies in its intricate and meticulous production process. From the careful cultivation of tea plants to the artful layering of jasmine flowers, every step is essential in creating the harmonious marriage of delicate floral fragrance and soothing tea leaves. Whether you enjoy jasmine tea for its soothing qualities or simply appreciate its calming aroma, understanding the craftsmanship behind this beloved beverage enhances the overall tea-drinking experience. So, the next time you enjoy a cup of jasmine tea, take a moment to appreciate the centuries-old tradition and the skilled hands that brought this delicious tea to you.

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