Helen Hockey – Head of Operations

As a family business, we like to think that we offer, not only a job but the opportunity to feel part of our family. Helen Hockey began working for us…

Clean Water Project in Niger

We are delighted to announce that together with Oxfam and local partners, we have launched a new three-year project aimed at improving water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities in schools…

Amazing Women In Tea

We aim to empower, support, and elevate the women within the tea industry around the world.

Sip, Read, Repeat

Nothing beats reading a great book while sipping a delicious cup of tea - perfect escapism and a great way to tune the world out.

Amin Afshar – Tea Taster

Ahmad Tea’s tearoom is the powerhouse of the business and the team who are responsible for it work tirelessly to ensure that every cup of tea produced is of a…

Ahmad Tea & The University of Bristol

Ahmad Tea is delighted to announce that it is now strengthening our partnership with the University of Bristol through the funding of a second scholarship.

Picture is of Sabry Sikkander

Sabry Sikkander – Manager Administration

This month, we’re privileged to shine the light on Sabry Sikkander who has played a pivotal role developing and growing our Sri Lankan office.

Ahmad Tea’s China Facility

We’re delighted to announce that Ahmad Tea China, our business partner within the territory, has opened a new factory in Nanchang city, located in Jiangxi Province, South China.

Ahmad Tea’s Japanese distributor celebrates its centenary

This month, our Japanese distributor, Tominaga Boeki Kaisha Ltd. (TBK), celebrates its 100th anniversary and we wanted to mark this momentous milestone

Nadia Rodriguez – Key Account Manager

Nadia Rodriguez is one Ahmad Tea’s Key Account Managers and has recently appeared on our LinkedIn feed celebrating Ahmad Tea’s anniversaries in the Czech Republic and Egypt

Picture is of a tea pickers hand holding tea leaves

Infused with Impact – Sustainability Report 2023

Our Chairman, Rahim Afshar is delighted to share our sustainability report and to explain how every drop of our tea is infused with impact. 

World Children’s Day

It takes a village to raise a child. find out how the tea drinkers of Ahmad tea are helping children around the world fulfill their potential on World Children's Day